Social Outreach

In line with our work with young people, helping to improve their lives, the community sports programme also aims to do this through sport in the community. We aim to engage as many young people in sport as possible to combat anti-social behaviour, crime, drinking and various other dangers that young people can find themselves in. By using sport we can divert attention from these things as well as teach life skills such as teamwork, respect, honesty and discipline.

Engaging young people in sport and activity can have many wider outcomes, allowing young people to find and develop new passions and skills, as well as the natural health and social benefits that sport brings.

Here are some examples of  our social outreach sports activities:

Hesters Way Sport and Play, King George V Playing Fields

In 2013 we ran a trial week, taking our Street Live sports cage out to King George V Playing Fields  in the Hesters Way area of Cheltenham. We engaged over 30 young people in sport and activity, and the project has now received funding to continue into 2014. We plan to run around 30 more sessions in 2014, engaging hundreds of local young people after school and in the school holidays.

This project, alongside the Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project, aims to engage young people in sport, teach them about healthy living, and direct them into further sporting activities and clubs to increase levels of sports participation across the area.

Hesters Way YMCA sports referral scheme

Working alongside North Cheltenham Police, the YMCA community sports team runs weekly multi-sports sessions for local children who have been referred to us by the Police, and for whom it is thought that engagement in sport would be beneficial.