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If you didn’t have access to see your children or grandchildren, who would you turn to for help?

Last year 97 families turned to the Child Contact Centre run by Family Space. Re-uniting children with parents estranged through family break-up,  every week …all year round.

Cheltenham YMCA and Family Space

Since 2009, Cheltenham YMCA has been involved with Family Space, a joint venture with four churches in West Cheltenham, an area which has been identified as being one of the 10% most deprived areas in the country.  Family Space works with families, offering support and help whenever and however it is most needed, including encouraging and helping parents to play and interact positively with their children and providing practical support at times of increased financial hardship.  The leaders of the four churches are all trustees of Family Space and the majority of staff members have a strong Christian faith, which is evident in the way the project is run and how they engage with those they are helping.  Cheltenham YMCA is pleased and proud to be a part of this practical expression of the love of Christ to some of the most vulnerable families and children in our society.

What Do We Do?

Family life can be full of ups and downs, good days and not such good days. Parents can often do with having places to go, people to be with and/or things to do with the children, as well as sometimes having space for themselves. Family Space can help that to happen, enabling parents to spend time with their children, spend time with other parents and giving children time to play together.

Family Space has served in Cheltenham since 1995. Our main activities are:
Child Contact Centre offers a safe place where children can spend time with parents and other members of their family with whom they are no longer living. The Centre is well resourced with toys and games for children of all ages to play with and enjoy.

Befrienders which is available to parents of 0-5’s who would like individual help in and around the home, eg with the children, with the shopping or going out to places. Befrienders also gives parents opportunity to engage in small parent groups while children are in a crèche or to join in with the parent/toddler “Stay and Play” sessions.

Time Out for Mums – teaching new skills to benefit parents and their children.

Stay & Play – structured play to equip parents to enjoy time with their kids.

Contact Details

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Family Space
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